[SATLUG] include paths

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Jun 15 10:27:49 CDT 2014

Can anyone tell me where the default include paths on a 
regular unix system are defined?

I.e., where are these paths set:


so that gcc can find them. 

Also: If I include a file like this:

#include <file.h>

The assumption is that the file can be found in the include
path that has been set in the environment.

So what if I have a subdirectory in /usr/include, say "sys", do I have set
this manually in my search path (i.e., #include <sys/file.h> or can unix
find it automatically? I see many subdirectories under /usr/include but
it is not clear if their contents are automatically supposed to be found.

Thanks for any clarification on this.


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