[SATLUG] Virus? Status Report No. 2

Patrick Barnes nman64 at n-man.com
Tue Jan 31 23:16:27 CST 2006

John Pappas wrote:
> My 2 cents on the testing piece:
> Memory:  The SUSE live distros, SysRescueCD, and others have 'memtest'
> on their CD boot menu.  That will test your memory.  It takes a while to
> run, so I would say that is an overnight project.
> HDD:  This is a trickier one as there are 2 types of testing;
> Destructive and non-destructive.  Options are greater on the destructive
> side, as writing can be tested and retested.  I have a copy of SpinRite
> that I use (Excellent program, saved my tivo and 1 PC, and a number of
> my customers) for very thorough non-destructive testing.  The other
> options are the OEM's tools (WDC DriveFitnessTest, Maxtor Tools, etc)
> for testing.
> On the destructive side, the linux 'badblocks' will do block testing
> with R/W verification.
> Could use Linux SMART tools to check to see if the drive is reporting
> issues via SMART 'smartctl -i /dev/hda' for basic info.
> Hope that helps!
> John
> On Sun, 2006-01-29 at 10:36 -0600, Faye Minnis wrote:
> > "With the problems you are having, I would encourage you to test your
> > memory, and it probably wouldn't hurt to test your hard drive, too."
> > 
> > I don't know how to do these tests, but will try to figure it out.
The Fedora Core installation CDs also are equipped with the memtest86
tool.  Insert the CD and reboot.  At the boot prompt, enter 'memtest' to
start the test.  It is usually best to let it run a few passes.  If it
finds errors, you'll know it.  ;-)

As for hard drive testing, boot the Fedora CD into rescue mode and use
the following:

badblocks -ns /dev/hda

You can replace /dev/hda with any other hard drive you might have.  This
will perform a non-destructive read-write test.  This will also show
status information on a single line.  If it encounters errors, it will
print the error location on a new line.  If it only outputs a couple of
lines and finishes, your drive is fine.  If you end up with a screen
full of numbers, you've got a problem.

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