[SATLUG] [OT] pinball machine available

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 19:28:29 CST 2006

I'll take it.

--- Bob Tracy <rct at gherkin.frus.com> wrote:

> Free to a good home: one 1979 Bally Paragon 4-player
> pinball machine.
> This is an "early vintage" electronic machine, i.e.,
> doesn't have a
> xylophone, but also doesn't have all the distracting
> video-game crap
> that has ruined the game for purists.  Comes with
> all manuals and keys
> (front door and back glass).  Has *not* been
> modified for free play
> without inserting coins.  All the artwork is in
> great condition (playing
> field, back glass, cabinet paint -- which is pretty
> minimal anyway).
> Here are the catches (you *knew* there had to be a
> few, right?):
> (1) The machine has been well cared-for since I
> bought it in the
>     mid-80's from a pinball palace called "The Gold
> Mine" in Norman,
>     Oklahoma.  However, virtually all the rubber
> components (posts,
>     bands, etc.) have deteriorated and will need to
> be replaced.  This
>     is no big deal, and should cost you less than
> $50 if you're willing
>     to do the work yourself.
> (2) The fluorescent score displays are known to be
> in excellent
>     condition.  However, the last time I used the
> machine, the displays
>     went dark in the middle of a game.  This is a
> power problem, and
>     *could* be as simple as a blown fuse. 
> Similarly, it *could* be as
>     significant as a bad power supply.  I've made no
> effort to diagnose
>     the problem.  That's part of why the price is
> what it is...
> (3) I'm not going to ship this beast.  In fact, I
> won't even offer to
>     deliver it.  Assuming I know you or can
> otherwise be made to feel
>     good about having you come to my house, you are
> going to assist
>     with the disassembly and loading into your
> pickup or other vehicle
>     with similar space.  This is mostly for *your*
> benefit, as you'll
>     learn how the major pieces fit together (legs,
> bottom cabinet,
>     back cabinet).
> What do you get out of this restoration project? 
> The machine sold for
> $2,500 when it was new.  Two decades ago, a used
> 4-player machine in
> good condition would set you back $1,200.  I suspect
> you won't have to
> spend even a tenth of that to restore a fine
> specimen of pinball history
> to good working condition.
> Why am I getting rid of it?  I'm over 40 years old,
> I've gotten my use
> out of the machine, and I could *really* use the
> space for another
> bookcase in my machine room.
> If you personally don't want the machine, but might
> instead like to
> donate it to your church's youth organization or
> whatever, that's cool
> too.  I'm still not going to ship or deliver :-).
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