[SATLUG] Virus? Status Report

Sean Carolan scarolan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 11:22:23 CST 2006

We run Fedora here at work, and often have problems with GNOME, GDM,
and the gnome panels.  Often times these spring up because users have
shut down improperly or lost connection to the NFS server, or they
were using remote access from home and got disconnected, etc.

Killing everything gnome or gdm, or even wiping out your entire
.gnome2 or .gnome directory can sometimes help.  You lose all your
desktop config, but at least you can get a fresh start that way.  One
time I had to copy out my files and delete all the hidden files in my
home directory, basically recreating from scratch to eliminate the

We keep our sales reps on Gnome but I personally have switched to KDE,
because it gives me much more control over how my desktop, panels,
widgets, and icons are set up.  But KDE's way too complicated for our
sales reps.  Personally I prefer the Gnome /Bluecurve Fedora look and
feel, and wish it had just a few more features that KDE has.

Don't go with Ubuntu if you already have Fedora up and running. 
Easier to just set up Fedora the way you like, and then don't mess
with it too much.

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