[SATLUG] AT&T CallVantage VOIP review...well sort of...

Mark McCoy realmcking at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 18:24:03 CST 2006

I say, vote with your $$ and cancel them.  Make sure they know all of
the reasons why you are cancelling their service, and no matter what
they offer you to "keep" you, refuse.  Make sure you get as much of
your $$ back as you can, too.

On 1/23/06, me at jchampion.com <me at jchampion.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Some of you may remember that I asked for VOIP suggestions and then went with
> AT&T CallVantage.
> It's been several weeks since the move and here's my results.
> The sound quality of the calls I place is as good as SBC's landline. The web
> interface is very good and easy to use. Those are the things that I like.
> The problems I have is that AT&T is giving me a hard time with porting my number
> over. SBC insists that the number is ready to port but AT&T contends that I do
> not live in their E911 area and they will not provide service to me. They also
> say that this has been their policy for several months. I told them I was able
> to signup via the web site without any problems.
> Here's the funny part...they are refusing to port my number but would rather I
> get one of theirs to comply with E911 AND they are going to take their time
> about it.
> They do not seem to care that their site knew I lived in an Alternate 911 area
> and that they "congratulated" me on being able to get their service.
> I received the call adapter and was able to set it up in a matter of minutes. It
> is very straight forward and does not hamper my Linksys Router/Firewall at all.
> So...it's back to the drawing board. I was not able to ever receive calls on the
> service and judging by the multiple layers of bureucratic mess that is their
> customer service area, it is easy to see why they fell so far.
> Their VOIP product is probably the most superior out there but the problems with
> their customer service and support are so significant that it completely
> outweighs their clear superiority in the arena.
> For instance, if you have a problem with an agent and want to speak with their
> supervisor, they will take your number and inform you that a supervisor will
> contact you in several days.
> If you try calling their corporate number and you get routed back into their
> customer service area and the representative that answers the phone chides you
> for calling the corporate office and attempting an end-run around their system.
> They have bad customer service. They know it and they don't care one iota about
> it.
> They implement policies regarding who can and who cannot receive service but
> then do not implement those policies with regards to orders placed via their
> website.
> I would steer clear of them. They are a bad choice.
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