[SATLUG] Windows mount and the execute bit

Ian R. Meinzen imeinzen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 07:43:02 CST 2006

>From what I remember, the permissions and uid/gid for the whole mount
are both set as mount time.  You can add "fmask=0664,dmask=0775"
(insert your own permissions after the '=' signs) line to the smb line
of you fstab, and it will make the files and directories of the mount
0664 and 0775, respectively.  Hope that helps.


On 1/17/06, Mike Wallace <mikeaw at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have to mount several Windows shares via Samba.  This works great,
> but for some reason, the execute bit is always set on every last
> stinkin file whether it's executable or not.  Even if my umask doesn't
> allow it, the execute bits will still be set if I just simply touch a
> new file in the mounted directory.  Actually, it appears that the
> umask is ignored entirely.  Is there any special way to mount Windows
> file systems so that the file permissions are normal?
> -Mike
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