[SATLUG] Anyone else no longer getting gmail from SATLUG through a pop pull-down?

Vern Davis vern.davis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 14:09:34 CST 2006

I use a fetchmail on my home machine to pull mail from pop.gmail.com.

On or about Jan  8 16:17:39 I started getting messages similiar to the
following in my sendmail logfiles;

reject=451 4.1.8 Domain of sender address satlug-bounces at satlug.org
does not resolve

The source of the last message (circa Fri, 13 Jan 2006 11:08:36 -0800
(PST)) which ended up in my gmail account shows the following;

Return-Path: <satlug-bounces at satlug.org>


Received-SPF: error (gmail.com: error in processing during lookup of
satlug-bounces at satlug.org: DNS timeout)
DomainKey-Status: bad (test mode)


Sender: satlug-bounces at satlug.org
Errors-To: satlug-bounces at satlug.org

Anyone know what is going on?

vern.davis at gmail.com

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