[SATLUG] dhcpd + assistance + 1000 users

Sexton, Art, ISD ASexton956 at Worldsavings.com
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A DHCP server can provide IP addresses to clients spanning multiple
subnets if the router that separates them can act as an RFC 1542(BOOTP)
relay agent. If the router cannot function as relay agent, each subnet
will require a DHCP server.  AFAIK anyway...

Art Sexton

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twistedpickles wrote:

>I need some assistance setting up a dhcp server for at least 1000 
>users. My current set up only allows for a little over 230 addresses 
>due some static ip assignments  for access points and users.
>I use scheme. The first IP address is and the the

>IP range is from to
>I thought I could change the range from to 
>with a subnet mask of but that didn't work. I receive an

>error that reads "IP Adress to, netmask 
> span multiple subnets.
>I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. I listed my original dhcpd.conf

You answered it right there.. 10.0.200.* and 10.0.203.* are different

I'm thinking you might need another instance of dhcpd running, with a
different dhcpd.conf file, to utilize two different subnets.

I could be wrong, but at least that would be one way.


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