[SATLUG] OT:does anyone here use a VOIP service?

Chris fakie_flip2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 11 16:19:56 CST 2006

have you tried skype or linphone?

me at detroit.dnschamber.net wrote:  thank you to everyone who replied. i took everyone's 2¢ and decided to
take the leap. i used a referral from a close friend and have now signed
up and asked to have my current number ported over.

now...if i could just get a myth tv system to work right, i'd be much


> I looked into voip for a business I was doing work for a while back, and
> this combo was the best IAX friendly solution around, that I could find.
> local DID - connect.voicepulse.com $11 a month - unlimited inbound
> minutes
> outbound IAX termination - $0.013/minute
> For this you all the incoming minutes you can use and around 18 hours of
> outbound minutes for around 25 dollars. Although, if you never made a
> call for the month you just pay the $11 for your DID.
> And with a Asterisk server, you can do everything all the "big boys"
> around can do, and more.
> Perhaps with this new year, I'll make a (somewhat late) resolution to
> get this done at my home.
> ~jesse
> On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 12:08 -0600, K. Spoon wrote:
>> On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 06:49:42AM -0600, Mitch Thompson wrote:
>> > I have given more thought recently to switching to VOIP, but I would
>> > like it to be on my terms. I have been playing with Asterisk at work
>> > for a project, and have become fascinated with its capabilities and
>> > potential. I built a VMWare image of the latest Asterisk at Home distro
>> > and went out looking at the major VOIP providers to see who
>> > interoperated with Asterisk, and discovered right off that Vonage will
>> > not work, even to the point of being hostile towards it.
>> I've seen reports that people have hacked something together by getting
>> a seperate softphone line and using their asterisk server to connect to
>> that. But it's.... "nontrivial". :)
>> > However, the search continues. Actually, we use our home phone for so
>> > very little these days. Our cell phones have become our main means of
>> > communicating in the past year or so. Almost all long distance calls
>> > are made via cell.
>> I've been looking at creating a custom asterisk or vocal distro (haven't
>> decided which way to run yet) myself, and looking around for a
>> compatible
>> provider has been the part of the equation that I wasn't clear on. It
>> turns out that there are several BYOD (bring-your-own-device) providers,
>> but the problem is that there are a *lot* of them, but it's not always
>> clear that they support connection to the public telephone networks (ie,
>> someone with SBC can call-in to your number) or they want access to your
>> device so they can lock it down and prevent you from getting a second
>> line without paying for it. But I did find mention in forums of two
>> services:
>> http://www.teliax.com/ - it looks like their plan is comparable to
>> Vonage, but they are BYOD-friendly. Looks like it might be ideal for
>> residential service.
>> http://www.voiceeclipse.com/ - they offer a business service (vePipes)
>> that seems to be tailor-made for stuff like asterisk. They sell phone
>> numbers for $4 each, and then you can buy a "pipe" (basically, it's
>> VoIP phone line that can be used for actual transmission) for $15
>> each and you provide the PBX system (basically, an asterisk server)
>> and get full control over what routes where.
>> If anyone knows of any similar providers, I'd appreciate hearing about
>> 'em. :)
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