[SATLUG] Nvidia or ATI?

James Tiner jtiner at gvtc.com
Wed Jan 4 12:31:48 CST 2006

nVidia or ATI? that question could cause the same kind of battles that
some of the OSS solutions out there have. I think most will recommend
nVidia because they are better supporters of OSS, but we could really
stir this up. how about this:

1) nVidia all the way.
2) gentoo for the distro
3) KDE is the only choice for desktop environment
4) and for god's sake, use VI as your text editor.

I'm just joking... no flaming necessary. 

seriously, nVidia generally has better support for Linux. as for the
rest of the recommendations above, decide for yourself... :) 

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 10:38 -0600, David Salisbury wrote:
> I'm just curious as to the general feel of the SATLUG members out there:
> If you were putting together a new box to run the Linux distro of your 
> choice, would you rather put an ATI card in it or an Nvidia card?  I'm just 
> curious as to everyone's general experience with drivers, performance, and 
> compatibility under the Linux side.  I've been running on an Nvidia Geforce4 
> Ti4600 (older card, now) and have had good results, but am considering a 
> move to ATI possibly with a new machine and wonder the types of experiences 
> other people have had with either brand of card.
> David

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