[SATLUG] VNC and Win2000 network

Thomas King kingttx at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 28 18:34:12 CST 2004

I am volunteering at a charter school on weekends and am trying to integrate 
Linux in different places, the first trying to use Linux's Remote Desktop 
(which uses VNC among other protocols) to admin the server and desktops. 
However, neither LinNeighborhood nor Remote Desktop is seeing any other 
computers on the network, and I have used VNC successfully off of Windows. 
Here is some background:

Win2000 server w/ active directory
domain is bscs.local (not registered to the outside world)

Using Mandrake 10.0 on a laptop, DHCP enabled, computer name 
In LinNeighborhood preferences, workgroup has been changed to "bscs.local". 
Master browser enabled and pointed to the server, solomon (not a full 
address, should this be solomon.bscs.local?). Browse as user enabled and has 
my login and password for this network (not the same as my Linux local 

Here is part of the log from LinNeighborhood from my attempt to browse the 

GetSMBGroups:nmblookup -M -S -d1 -- bscs.local
name_query failed to find bscs.local#1d
name_query failed to find bscs.local#1d

I have also tried to manually assign the address to Linux and same problem.

Any ideas? Thanks!
Tom King

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