[SATLUG] DynDNS and Linksys routers

Chuck chuck at tetlow.net
Wed Mar 24 17:17:34 CST 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 12:26, Penrod, Joshua wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the answers yesterday about the DNS for Dynamic IP. I
> created an account with DynDNS last night and downloaded a client
> program to run on my machine for auto-updating the ip when it changes.
> Everything seems to be installed correctly, but when I try to acces the
> domain name (from a web browser) I get a popup asking for a username and
> password for Linksys (I assume it means my Linksys router). I did notice
> on dyndns.org that there have been some problems with Linksys routers.
> Can anybody give me a clue on how to resolve this?
> Josh Penrod

Wait, wait, WAIT A MINUTE!  I just sat down to check mail and was
thinking about Josh's problem.

Josh -- you said you downloaded a client and installed it on your PC to
update DynDNS.  But when you tried to hit the IP, it connected you to
your Linksys???  From this, I assume your Linksys is connecting you to
the Internet and routing/firewalling for your inside network.

Normally, these clients are run on a box that is DIRECTLY connected to
the Internet.  Not on an inside client.  The software client running on
a PC on the inside network can only report the inside network IP to
DynDNS.  Not a lot of good in that.  You want the Internet address
reported to the dynamic DNS servers.

What you would need is either a client that runs on your Linksys (not
possible), or a Linux box connected to the Internet and doing the

Sorry I didn't think about that sooner.  Probably just like Bram, the
only thing I thought about earlier was the fact that your port 80
connects were stopping at the Linksys -- not going through.  But when I
thought about it further, I realized you have a client on an inside
network PC.


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