[SATLUG] [Fwd: Creation - San Antonio Sun Microsystems Users Group]

Trimmer, Darren dtrimmer at commtechinc.com
Mon Mar 22 11:14:36 CST 2004

 > That doesn't surprise me.  Oracle on Sun has a much longer 
> history than Oracle on Linux.  But I would expect the playing 
> field to be leveled in the future due to Oracle's very public 
> commitment to running on Linux.

That would be nice if Oracle would start tuning for Linux. Price wise
this would be benicial to those who can't afford Sun equipment. But I
think Sun finally realizes that their prices don't compete. They are
pushing the AMD 64 line pretty hard now. The Sparc processor is
expensive for Sun to make (or purchase, let's be honest). Things are
starting to get interesting.

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