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Claro M. Villanueva claro at magnaware.com
Tue Mar 16 23:16:32 CST 2004

I used to use Vonage when I lived in Santa Cruz, CA. The quality with Vonage
was questionable. On good DSL days it was so-so. Most of the time it was
terrible quality. And I could never talk to a person over the phone it was
only support via email. The only time I got to a person was in sales. Not in
billing nor support. Lastly I felt betrayed since they sent me a locked
CISCO ATA-186 adapter so even after I disconnected, the adapter was locked
onto their service. The prom's were modified so that even the Cisco Factory
Reset would not work.

For VOIP with friends in other countries, I picked up a Cisco ATA-186
adapter, plugged it into my router and use http://fwd.pulver.com (Free World
Dialup - FWD). It's totally free to call other FWD subscribers. Jeff Pulver
is a good guy, he's been fighting with the phone companies to let Internet
based phone companies not charge taxes. I think he's won the last round with
the latest FCC ruling. Check it out on http://www.pulver.com

In a all broadband world, you can use FWD to call 800 numbers then use a
cheapo pre-paid calling card for long distance. Then go to
http://www.ipkall.com and get a FREE phone number that forwards to your FWD
phone so people with landlines can call you.

Lastly if a neighbor has broadband, get a wifi router and a parabolic dish
assuming you have direct line-of-site. Then split the broadband cost with
your neighbor.


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Is anybody using Vonage?  My research reveals that the
company is working with emerging high speed Internet
offerings such as broadband over power lines.

I recently moved to Lakehills, Texas and it would be
cool to do away with my cell phone, home phone and
just use VOIP wherever I go.

While, I'm not sure what a metro number is..is it for
metrosexuals?  A metro number is required if i wish to
make and receive calls without acquiring long distance

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