[SATLUG] Free Big Case w/Power Supply

Robert J. Thomas rthomas at texas.net
Sun Mar 14 13:02:01 CST 2004

Good Afternoon Friends,

I have a large case that I am willing to give away to someone that might
want it for a nice Linux box.  It has about seven internal 3.5" drive
mounts and five external 5.25" drive bays plus one 3.5" external bay. I
think that the case power supply is 400W.

This would make a good case for a small business server.   I would like
to get rid of it today, so if you can meet me on the NW side to pick it
up, it is yours.  

I will post when/if I get a taker.

-Bob T.

rthomas at satlug.org 

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