[SATLUG] Re: Thanks for the email.....

Eli Cantu eli at then7.com
Thu Mar 11 19:19:55 CST 2004

It's no one person's group. Just let it roll off your back and move on. I always
find your posts particularly upbeat. html or not.


Quoting LLinuxGuy at aol.com:

> Thanks for the email, whoever sent it to me. What you basically told me is
> that because I am an AOL user you don't want me to participate in SATLUG.
> Next
> time just send it thru the SATLUG site and not thru my personal mail box.
> That
> way you can kick as many people off as you want, not just me.
> AOL does not offer an option for text or html mail. Well, for non-broadband
> users it doesn't at least. When my wife and I had our house built and moved
> to
> San Antonio the one thing we did not inquire about was broadband or DSL that
> we prefer to use. There is non available in our area that is what we would
> really like to spend our hard earned money on; so we don't. At least not at
> this
> time.
> And since we have been here July of last year I must truly say you are the
> first ass I have come across in this great city.
> I will be more than happy not to participate in your group if that is what
> you really want. Thank you for the great time.
> Ruben Medrano
> "*+ I Dare You To Come And Compete +*"
> ....... http://www.gaming.onesourcent.com/ ........
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