[SATLUG] Deploy Linux on 12 workstations (some more thoughts)

Robert Collazo robertc3 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 10 17:34:55 CST 2004

> Sean,
> Some good places to start:
> http://www.disklessworkstations.com/cgi-bin/web/index.html
> http://www.ltsp.org/
> http://pxes.sourceforge.net/
> http://www.uniqsys.com/thinstations.php
> Good luck.
> Miguel

I'm thinking about doing something similar in my office.  However, we play
quite a bit of video (divx, mpeg mostly) and audio (mp3) over the network.
Is this actually feasible with 50+ clients on a gigabit or 10/100 network?

Anyone on the list currently using LTSP?  If so, what kind of hardware are
you using for the clients?  For the server?  Are you running any apps
locally on the client?


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