[SATLUG] Deploy Linux on 12 workstations

Andrew Hodel zip at liberto.org
Tue Mar 9 09:09:18 CST 2004

We did it because of speed issues, virii, and crashes.  We get a lot better 
productivity out of it.


On Tuesday 09 March 2004 06:03 am, Hector Bojorquez wrote:
> Maybe I'm being dense-- but why is it necessary in Sean Carolan's case to
> switch the end user to Linux?
> If I read the original message correctly- the machines already have XP
> running
> (meaning that the money has already been spent for those licenses), so from
> a business point of view getting rid of XP would be a waste of money.
> Maybe I missed something- but it seems to me that if Open Source solutions
> are going
> to have a real future the case has to be made that they are a viable
> alternative that fit into most folks infrastructure and already existing
> business plan.
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> Subject: [SATLUG] Deploy Linux on 12 workstations
> > *  We wish to have a central backup server where all the users /home
> > directories on each workstation are backed up every night.  This could
> > be the same server we use for installs and upgrades, as well as managing
> > the network.  Right now I have a debian box which hosts our trouble
> > ticket system and website backups.
> >
> > I would suggest keeping all user's home directories on a central server
> > - rather than the individual wkstations
> >
> > *  This is the tough part - we use Quickbooks for our price quotes,
> > invoicing, accounting, payroll, etc.  We NEED this software, as there is
> > no viable linux alternative at present.  I tried posting something about
> > this on slashdot once and got flamed by a bunch of zealots saying I
> > didn't need it use it, use gnucash, etc.  At present Quickbooks is the
> > only software package that can handle all our needs, apart from having
> > something custom designed from the ground up for a hefty fee.
> >
> > I'm using a package called Quasar.  When I got it, it was still
> > proprietary, but i think i remember reading they were thinking about
> > going open source with it, not sure if they ever did.  In any case - the
> > user licenses are reasonably priced if they didn't go Open Source, and
> > can be found at http://www.linuxcanada.com/  It takes some, (ok, quite a
> > bit of), adjustment to go to it from QuickBooks, but it really is a nice
> > program.   License fees are one time, upgrades are optional.  I am only
> > affiliated with them in that I am a happy paying customer.
> >
> >
> > *  I would like to manage all these systems from a central location, and
> > also be able to do hands-off network install and upgrade of each
> > workstation.
> >
> > Run diskless clients, it will give those old machines some new life, and
> > all packages will be centrally maintained.  Just need something a bit
> > powerful on the backend to be running all the clients from, and try
> > running processor intensive apps on the clients rather than the server.
> >   LTSP is good for doing all that.  http://www.ltsp.org/ (I think).
> >
> > My appologies for this not looking like a standard reply, but, I just
> > signed up for the list, and found this post in the archives.
> >
> > Charles
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