[SATLUG] E-mail account security warning.

Leif Johnson ub at paisd.net
Thu Mar 4 22:14:54 CST 2004


Couldn't the archived emails be put behind an htaccess directory?
Perhaps it's too late now since most messages have been cached by 
web spiders, but it may be an idea to consider. 

I've had many complaints about spam in the last few weeks. It's getting 
worse! I keep looking for HOWTOs on reconfiguring my spamassassin to 
better protect our school network. I even condidered consulting 
"clickdoug" for help.

So much of our recent spam is all about Viagr*a. This is so inappropriate 
for the school environment.

I'm getting pressure to do something. 

-Leif Johnson
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On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Jeremy Mann wrote:

|The Lius said:
|> I received an email with the same content but is from Yahoo-Inc.com.  The
|> content is pasted in between two ===== lines.  I have not post any email
|> to
|> the SATLUG and believe the spammer must have breached the security of
|> SATLUG.  Is there anything I should do?  Thanks.
|First of all, spam is so incredible to defend against. Here at the HSC, it
|still comes in, regardless of my attempts to defend against it. I have two
|spam filters, Spam Assassin and a custom procmail filter called
|SpamBouncer. On some occasions, one sees it as spam while the other sees
|it as not spam. Turns out, when one sees it as spam it *IS* spam.
|Sometimes one is it right while the other is wrong. I have yet to get the
|right tweaking from either product so I am forced to leave both on the
|Spam Assassin is a set of PERL scripts which run very fast but don't catch
|as much as SpamBouncer does. After my days of tweaking, I just can't
|explain why it (SpamBouncer) works better.
|SATLUG's server could not possibly handle the load of our server, but I
|would recommend some sort of filtering. The SpamBouncer solution is
|awesome, BUT there is an enormous system load while it's filtering. I've
|seen upwards of 18.xx loads during our system filtering.
|If SATLUG as a whole wants to filter spam from our lists, we need to
|consider upgrading the server to handle the load.
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