[SATLUG] internet privacy and linux

M. Filio mdfilio at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 4 08:41:04 CST 2004

With JavaScript you can find out the last 10 pages a user went to before they come to your site. At least you used to be able to, I haven't done any JavaScript in a couple of years so maybe they disabled this. 

As for the JavaScript history, all you have to do to avoid it is start a new browser before going to a site you wouldn't want to know where you've been. 

You can turn off JavaScript too, but most sites use it these days, so it'll just be more of a hassle than protection.

As someone else mentioned, if you're paranoid, turn off cookies. Or make cookies require confirmation. This will, of course, be annoying as just about every site these days uses a cookie to keep your login information and settings.

Also, as Zeb mentioned there are all those server variables that are always included.

The majority of those sites are just using FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) to pressure the ignorant into buying their product.

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