[SATLUG] internet privacy and linux

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Mar 3 20:26:34 CST 2004

Nick Duffy said:
> 	Wow I am just full of questions today, is Spyware an issue for linux, I

The answer is no. Mainly because the user can't install the necessary
software without root permissions. Secondly, Linux just doesn't have the
90-95% market share that Winblows has.

> have
> heard that it isnt because there just isnt anything in linux to support
> spyware, also what about people getting info off your pc. I have seen even
> w/
> a firewall engaged your pc still gives out certain info about you and your
> pc. been to a couple of those sites that check your privacy and find out
> that
> some firewalls just arent that well made. I found one that even put the
> last
> 2 websites i visited just before it. Just curious

If you're paranoid, you can block cookies with Mozilla or Firebird.
Without cookies, that URL you goto doesn't know you from Bob Smith.

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