[SATLUG] SATLUG email account spammed

John lug at eth0.us
Wed Mar 3 08:24:55 CST 2004

>I forget, exactly *what* it is, but in apache, there's a way to 'shoo the
spiders away' in either httpd.conf or  
>apache.conf.  Since the posts live on a server, if said server said "no to
web-crawling robots", it would be a while, but 
>at least new posts wouldn't be showing up.

Yea you can do that with the robots.txt file and it will ignore all of
subdirectories from that point on. That would at least stop the legal bots.
I have seen on a lot of places where they physically mangle or block the
email address when it was posted from a mailing list. Not sure how you could
do that but if somebody knows that would be a great thing to do.


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